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Aviva Healthcare

AVIVA  Healthcare

Our rating: 5 / 10

Aviva Healthcare is the private medical insurance arm of the large British insurance company. It is the third largest provider of medical insurance in the UK. Whilst it’s specialist fee schedule is amongst the lowest in terms of remuneration is simpler to use and less troublesome than some of the other insurers. The web site does not publish a schedule of the specialist fees in order for your to compare these to other insurers. Pre-existing conditions within the last 5 years are not covered; which is a longer period than many other insurers. Otherwise, the web site is plain and simple to use and clearly identifies that the level and scope of cover is dependent on your initial choices and the premium paid.

“Our private health insurance product, Healthier Solutions, offers prompt access to treatment, through a nationwide network of hospitals, when you or a family member are feeling unwell. It’s important to know that pre-existing conditions aren’t covered. We know there’s a lot to take on board so, to help you, we’ve added the policy brochure and terms and conditions to this page. Healthier Solutions covers acute conditions that start after your policy begins. Here are just some of the benefits included in Healthier Solutions’ core cover. There are others and you’ll find these in our Healthier Solutions brochure – and, if you want to, you can increase your core cover, thereby increasing your premiums, or decrease the cover and reduce your costs.”

Aviva Healthcare
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