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For wrist & hand problems or surgery

If your having hand, wrist or finger surgery whether it is for carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, trigger finger, Dupretren’s disease, or arthritis, there are aids and equipment which will help your recovery rehabilitation and return to full activity. We list the useful equipment which you may find helpful.

Once you leave hospital you will need an elastic sleeve once the bandages are removed, a carpal tunnel splint or wrist splint. A showerproof dressing protector allows bathing. At home a reacher, can opener, key turner and tap turner may be essential. Non slip mats are essential particularly in the bathroom for showering or bathing. Grab rails are useful and are available as suction or screw fixed. A cold pack is useful after exercise. As things progress a rubber hand exerciser or an ergonomic or folding walking stick may be useful. We provide the links below.